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Bird watching Langebaan Lagoon


Bird watching

Langebaan-holiday-house-self-cateringOk yes your right I know nothing about bird watching and truthfully I dont really see the attraction, sorry, i think there cool when they fly into my garden and its bright green or bright yellow, and after living in Langebaan for 10 years i can probably identify 10 different ones, (especially the one that hit me in the face when i was windsurfing, that’s another story)
but it turns out that Langebaan Lagoon and the West Coast National Park are brilliant spot for bird watching and spotting.
Both birdwatchers and birders are usually amateurs. The scientific study of birds is called ornithology. People who study birds as a profession are called ornithologists.
West Coast National Park
The still, aquamarine waters of the sheltered, 16-km long Langebaan Lagoon, the jewel of the West Coast, provide excellent birding. Granite inselbergs rise sharply from its northern shores, while South Africa’s largest saltmarsh lies at its southern end. The West Coast National Park has become a legendary birding site, best known for the large numbers of migrant waders that crowd the mudflats during summer. These can easily be observed from the well-positioned bird hides, offering local birders an excellent chance of finding rarities. The top-class strandveld birding, spring flowers and proximity to Cape Town (taking the direct route along the R27, it is less than an hour from the city) all make the West Coast National Park a most productive, pleasant, and accessible birding destination. source

RAMSAR Convention
Langebaan Lagoon in the West Coast National Park was registered as a wetland of international importance for birds, with the RAMSAR Convention, which came into force in 1988. A number of bird hides overlook various areas of the Lagoon. Another feature of the National Park’s birding is the important breeding colonies on the Malgas, Jutten, Schaapen and Marcus Islands, near the mouth of Saldanha Bay. Malgas Island is home to one of only six colonies of Cape gannets in the world and tens of thousands of pairs breed here. The island can be visited by boat under the guidance of a Park guide. West Coast National Park Tel 022 772 2144 source

West Coast National Park (WCNP) lies just inland from Saldanha Bay, with the town of Langebaan as its northern neighbour. WCNP has been ranked as an IBA as its wetlands regularly support over 35 000 waterbirds in summer, as well as globally important breeding populations of African penguin, Cape gannet (Malgas Island has 25% of global population), African black oystercatcher, Crowned & Bank cormorant and Black harrier. source

Holiday House Langebaan

Holiday Apartment Langebaan


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